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Yesterday I stood in my kitchen, looking out over the evergreen pastures of our farm in the lush countryside. Light reflected off the surface of my kitchen sink, as I turned on the tap  I looked down at the water, it was clean and fresh. The night before was a restless one, before sleep I did something I do not normally do, I read online the latest bombing news. A week reading about the war-torn countries of Bosnia and wondering how it compared to the disaster that is Syria added to this feeling.

As the clean filtered water filled the clean glass, in my safe and clean serene house, in my democratic country and an impending Anzac day I took and deep and shaky breath. I live in Australia; I live in a democratic and safe place. A place with so much clean.

This life brings curveballs and disaster sure; there are hardships and arguments, the unknown and tragedy. But I live in the comfort of a family, and the only thing that would ever tear us apart would be death or location, never a militia or an army or even a wall.  Not Malaria, not an army with a gun, not a militia with a hidden agenda of genocide.  I wonder about the young men of the World Wars before, of young men now. Young men to be proud of, to look up to, to to support and care for. Young men who had guns, and young men armed with ipads. I wish for all the incredible genders we now embrace to be safe, to have opportunity and power of positive choices.

It is not the internalized emotion of guilt that presents itself, westerners arrogance guilt. This sense runs deeper and is more defined. I am reminded that in the moments of stress I need to shake myself or facepalm, whichever is most effective and remember the gift I have in my location and wellbeing. There is power in that.

When I ever feel a moment of self-doubt in my ability to help others through this beautiful business creation, I am reminded to throw the self-doubt to one side and just resonate with the sensation of gratitude. There is a follow on, a flow down effect too that is partnered in this, and it is the responsibility and the power we have at our fingertips to help another. To assist a fellow human in need, in philanthropy, in advice, in the moment of time and eye to eye contact with someone doing not so well. A brain, a safe environment, a learning environment, a democratic one, a nurturing one, is a platform for which we may strive to help each other.

In my psychology background I know it is not unusual to suffer a bit of compassion fatigue and the need to do more can be a never-filled cup. Particularly when helping troubled youth and vulnerable children, this is never-ending! But this is something different, something tangible. There is a stirring around the globe, is it collective consciousness? I am not sure, but what I do know is that I am grateful for the life I have, and I will continue each day to strive for remembering this gratitude and using it to propel my responsibility to assist other human beings. My love of human connection will deem it so.

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